“Where people, knowledge and experience are a perfect combination”.

Construcciones eléctricas JARA is a modern and dynamic company that continues to grow with the mission of perfecting its products and production processes, combining tradition and innovation, to remain a benchmark in an increasingly professionalised sector.

As a result of this philosophy, JARA has positioned itself as one of the largest producers of distribution processors in Spain.

Founded in 1975 by Rafael Olmedo García-Antón, the company has been able to adapt its extensive experience to the demands of the market, always maintaining its vocation for business and a close relationship with its customers.

For the company, it is essential to offer customers a close and personalised service, proposing solutions that help them to resolve each of their projects.

Facing the future with the experience of more than 40 years is a great guarantee for the success of the company.

Having professionals with a high degree of specialisation in each of the areas and functions assigned, experience and a practical and efficient working method allows us to offer the client a greater added value to undertake their projects.


The human team at Construcciones Eléctricas JARA is based on commitment, seriousness and care in personal and professional treatment, characteristics that are one of the main keys to the success of our company.

The professionals that make up our team have extensive experience; professionals that JARA has been incorporating for their quality, qualifications and in-depth knowledge of each of the activities they carry out.

In addition, JARA‘s management promotes a continuous process of training and improvement of the skills of all our staff in order to offer our clients the best service.

We are talking about a human team that is at your disposal to provide you with a committed and quality service in which the objective and priority of all of them is the satisfaction of our clients.

 Our people: What defines us?

We are a solid, dynamic and flexible company that adapts to change.
Innovation is one of our concerns.
Committed and highly professional staff.
Sustainability: economic growth, ecological balance and social progress.
Professional development opportunities.
Balance between professional and personal life.


Customer satisfaction is one of the company’s main objectives, and is therefore at the heart of its business strategy. In this sense, the company dedicates the necessary human and material resources to ensure customer satisfaction, which allows us to offer the best solutions combining knowledge and experience, as well as service and product.

Customer satisfaction is based on:

Value generation

Meeting their current and future needs

Excellence in service

The establishment of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships

To build relationships of trust through a close and accessible approach.



“Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their relations with their stakeholders”.

Corporate Social Responsibility

JARA incorporates in all its actions firm criteria of quality and responsibility, meeting the highest legal and ethical requirements. Our commitment to transparency, the environment, production processes, our employees and society in general is a priority.

Therefore, we strive every day to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering them the best solutions to optimise their daily work; we strive to make our suppliers feel satisfied when collaborating with us by offering them the best options to help us take care of the environment together; we work to make our employees proud to belong to a great company. We strive to continue to be at the side of small and medium-sized businesses every day.